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A Message From JD Fortune On The Great Michael Hutchence


Written by Jacqui James

FORMER INXS FRONTMAN J.D has paid respect to the great Michael Hutchence on what would have been Michael’s 53rd birthday.

On his website, Canadian singer/songwriter Fortune issued a heartfelt statement in a tribute to the one and only Michael Hutchence.

I first heard Elegantly Wasted at a party in Ontario, Canada. I remember thinking “This is an amazing song!” A few weeks later, I heard about the very sad loss of Michael Hutchence. It was strange how the timing went.

It felt like a snap shot of life. One minute here, the next, gone.

Before Michael had passed his music was very much alive!

Then the void.

Michael Hutchence touched so many people around the world and reflected our own strengths, weaknesses and passions back at us.

The mark of true art, a true artist.

I humbly submit to you a modest tribute to an incredible energy. A soul that filled us and took us places we may never have gone otherwise.

Recorded over a month while spending time with my friends Ken and Roberta Harrison, (Roberta’s beautiful and powerful voice can be heard singing along in this track) at their home in Ontario. Elegantly Wasted started to take shape.

Ken and I couldn’t always get together due to touring and traveling so he recorded some of my vocals by holding up his cell while I was on speaker phone.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and enjoy the words of a legend. Who, to this day lives on through his music and his fans! A man who’s legacy is still very much alive.

God bless you Michael. Thank you.

Happy Birthday!

With all due respect,


JD is currently working on several projects including new music and an autobiography film is in production.

Brief but Memorable Encounter of JD In 2007



Palias Theatre, Melbourne

March 2007


Written by Jacqui James


I KEPT MY EXPECTATIONS LOW about this concert because people at the Palias had said there was no guarantee I would be able to see anything. (I’m in a wheelchair and I have been to gigs where I didn’t see a damn thing!) I thought alright I’m going to enjoy the music and Mum could take photos which see did.

For 80% of the show I could see just about everything. We had good seats. I was wrapped just to see JD!

However, Tim Farris (guitarist) was under the weather and sat down throughout the concert. Let me just say his mind wasn’t at the Palias at all.

The concert finished and it was an amazing night (I think I enjoyed it more than U2 ). We had organised to meet the taxi down a side street. We were walking down the street and I could hear something happening ahead then I heard someone say it’s JD, then I heard his voice! My stomach leapt a thousand inches while in my head I keep thinking OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH…MY….GOD!!!!

Suddenly a car drove off and JD was in it. He looked at me, smiled and pretended to be locked in the car. Haha. I smiled back, in shock!! That made my year, to get noticed by him and the fact that he wanted to get out of the car but unfortunately it was too late!

INXS Charm Rochford

Sean Kelly, Baby Animals, Train and INXS

Rochford Wines, Victoria

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Written by Jacqui James



YESTERDAY AT ROCHFORD WINERIES the must-have fashion accessory was gumboots; little mud (ok a lot of mud) didn’t deter people from enjoying A Day On The Green with Sean Kelly (from The Models), The Baby Animals, Train and INXS.


Unfortunately due to the traffic from floods, our group missed Sean Kelly but we managed to see most of Baby Animals’ set. It was quite impressive how the band is as good, if not, better than when they first formed in the late 80’s. Early Warning sounded fantastic and it was great to see ladies from my generation totally rock out! Suzzie DeMarchi’s the ultimate rock chick, fierce and always powerful! At one stage she asked one lucky (or unlucky) guy from the audience to stage at the stage foot and she took a great big swish from a bottle red bottle then spat it into the guy’s mouth.

Train was just as good and kept the crowd involved. They played for an hour having fun with everyone. During She’s On Fire where they leapt into country for a few minutes, Pat (lead singer) picked up six young girls/teenagers and got them onstage where they each put on a t-shirt saying “Trainette”. Pat instructed the lucky bunch to dance and sing, and then called them “Australia’s own Trainettes”.

If you have heard Train’s version of Led ZePplin’s Ramble On before you’d know how awesome they do it. Seeing it live was even better. Pat joked, “If you’re under 30 we wrote this!” During their latest single Marry Me Pat walked through the crowd serenading the women. Train ended their set with their big hit Drops of Jupiter and said, “Thank you Australia. You’re always kind to us.”




Onto INXS. What an entrance the three Farris brothers made! Andrew, Tim, and Jon each were wearing black suits with white shirts and Andrew and Jon were playing drums! They sounded awesome! It was the beginning to Suicide Blonde and the crowd was in awe with what they were listening to.

I gotta admit, once JD came onto the stage I was hopelessly distracted! JD has this raw sex appeal, mixed with desirable charisma that is just mesmerizing!


Unlike the Switch concert I saw in 2006, now it can be said JD puts his stamp on INXS’ classics, he’s not just the winner of their reality TV show he’s an artist who brings his individuality to songs. Stairs from the X album is one of my favourite INXS songs and last night JD sang it so passionately and so meaningfully you could see how the track affects him. Sometimes he gets so intense that you think whoa!


The guys of INXS like to reinvent some of their classics (they have recently released an album called Original Sin) and last night they treated us with their new version of Just Keep Walking which sounded a little like reggae. Love Is which was an Australian-only track from Original Sin was well received by the crowd but when they did songs like     Listen Like Thieves, Kiss The Dirt, Pretty Vegas, You’re My Kind, Original Sin, What You Need, New Sensation, Never Tear Us Apart, Kick and Don’t Change (rock version) people stood up and rocked!

Kirk, Andrew and Jon paid a beautiful tribute to Michael Hut hence with an acoustic Don’t Change. They each sang and the acoustic version just added to Michael’s presence.

Pat from Train returned to the stage and sang Beautiful Girl. Tim then revealed that it was his wedding anniversary which received a big applaud from the crowd.


When JD returned to the stage and sang Not Enough Time! His sex appeal and falsetto is a dangerous mixture; the women in our group swooned! JD would often smile in disbelief as the crowd was forthcoming with praise. He called us “good singers”


INXS’ encore got the crowd amped up! By the end of the night everyone was buzzing with electricity! INXS are back and last night they showed us why they were just superb!



INXS’ Set List:

Suicide Blonde


Devil Inside


Just Keep Walking

Listen Like Thieves

Kiss The Dirt


Love Is

Don’t Change (Acoustic With Kirk, Andrew And Jon On Vocals)

Beautiful Girl (Pat From Train On Vocals)



Mediate (Techno Version Leading Into Live)


Pretty Vegas

You’re My Kind

Bitter Tears

Not Enough Time


Original Sin

What You Need

New Sensation

Never Tear Us Apart



By My Side

Don’t Change