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Diesel – “Grown In To My Skin”

  WORDS BY Jacqui James   I FEEL EXTREMELY privileged to be able to interview artists and bands from all around the world. It’s what I love. Afterall when you love what you do it makes those challenging days easier. I still can remember the very first time my family, a friend and I first […]


When Brooke Schubert Met Keith Urban

  WORDS BY Jacqui James BROOKE SCHUBERT IS one brave and determined woman! Within twenty-four hours her dream came true after uploading a video to YouTube titled Dear Keith Urban to capture Keith’s attention before his Light The Fuse tour. But before I get to that, let’s rewind because Brooke has had an amazing run […]

Diesel, A True Music Fan Himself

Written by Jacqui James AS JOURNALISTS WE are taught to remove our bias whenever interviewing someone. Although whenever it comes to interviewing Mark Lizotte aka Diesel, it’s always an absolute privilege because this artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer and a lovely man is one of Australia’s rock legends that doesn’t thrive or seek mass publicity. Since […]

Chisel Turned Up The Nitro in Melbourne

Light the Nitro Tour 2011 Cold Chisel Rod Laver Arena Thursday, December 8, 2011   Written by Jacqui James LAST NIGHT CHISEL DID what they do best – ROCKED! Once a pub band Cold Chisel performed to thousands last night at Rod Laver Arena. The introduction was a radio changing stations to different decades. As […]

David Campbell – The Ultimate Born Performer

Written by Jacqui James DAVID CAMPBELL WAS BORN to be a singer and entertainer. Not only he’s Jimmy Barnes’ Son, but he has covered music from the 1930’s to his recent era of choice, the 80’s! David’s recently released Let’s Go which is this week’s number 25th album on the Aria Chart. The album contains […]

Diesel Very Natural To Play Hendrix

Written by Jacqui James MAYBE I’M BIASED, but I believe Mark Lizotte aka Diesel is one of those brilliant singer/songwriters/guitarists who has a musical brain! When I listen to his albums and see his live performances, I am constantly amazed which direction he takes in his music. With every album I’m surprised with Diesel’s never-ending […]

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