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Troy Goes On A Freedom Ride

Jacqui James

JUST LAST NIGHT Troy Cassar-Daley performed in Wagga Wagga to support his mate Dale Allison from Allison’s Music and Joe Williams to help raise awareness and education about Depression. On his Facebook he wrote “Can I just say you folks were as much a part of the show as the band and I! I think something very special happened there, pinch me and wake me up please!!”

It’s these acts of engaging and mateship traits that make Troy a great role-model, yet alone a true-blue, fair-dinkim bloke! He writes great country songs that are true reflections of most Aussie (including Indigenous) culture and households, topics highlighting the daily battles some face.

Troy has released his latest album “Freedom Ride” which takes listeners on a journey. Experiencing his Indigenous heritage through his songs, Troy expresses his love of the simple beauty of flora and nature and says, “I’m a hunter-gatherer, mate. I’m hunting and gathering songs”.

On “Freedom Ride” Troy invited two mates to join him on the duets “Tennessee Rain” (Paul Kelly) and the blue-collar anthem “Two Weeks Off, Two Weeks On” (Jimmy Barnes). It sounded like friends getting together and laying down meaningful songs.

I was fortunate to chat to Troy about “Freedom Ride” and his life in general. So thankyou Troy for your time!

Howdy Troy! It’s a real pleasure to chat to you! You’re a true, fair-dinkum Aussie songwriter, so it’s an honour!

Nice to chat with you Jacqui.

I love your quote, “I’m a hunter-gatherer, mate. I’m hunting and gathering songs”. How do you explain your writing process? Does it only take only one thing or do you write constantly on your travels to produce a song?

Well once I get inspired I try to write stuff down straight away, or record the riff in case I forget it! I always try to keep up with the writing.

Listening to snippets to your latest album “Freedom Ride” on iTunes, I got the feeling you’re pretty happy with your own life (“This Day”), but you see how other people are struggling not just here in Australia but in other countries (“Tennessee Rain”). As a singer/songwriter, do you believe it’s important to raise awareness about peoples’ struggles?

It sure is important to me to tell people’s stories the right way, this album is really a breakdown of twelve Australian stories I wanted to tell and I’ve tried to keep the stories as close to the way I heard them or experienced them.

“Freedom Rider” has some really gorgeous imagery throughout it, including some indigenous terms. Do you go on long walks, absorbing our beautiful flora?

Yes I always breathe in this Country when I get the opportunity,” Freedom Ride” is a special song to me because it’s a part of Australia’s history.

Speaking of indigenous subjects, does it sadden you to see some groups divided by race in this country?

Yes I get saddened with anything to do with race, I’m a product of multiculturalism and I love this country so much, all I want is for people to get on and look forward, I won’t give up hope of that ever!!

You invited the king of songwriters in Australia Paul Kelly to write and sing on the track “Freedom Ride” which importantly tackles the fight for justice in racism and acceptance. How paramount was having Paul on this track?

It was a great experience with Paul once again, and this song would not have been the same without him. He brought some magic that’s for sure.

“Two Weeks On, Two Weeks Off” is a great track. Can you tell us what inspired you to write that track?”

After meeting a young Fi Fo worker last year I realised these young people have a real battle with depression being away from family and loved ones. Jimmy Barnes was the perfect fit for this duet and I hope it shows a real side to the lives of these folks.

Outside music, what are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing the most?

I love fishing heaps and I would fish in a puddle; I’m that keen! And I love running with our Jack Russell dog Tilly!!

Thanks very much Troy for chatting with me. Congratulations on “Freedom Ride”, I know your fans will love it!


Diesel – “Grown In To My Skin”

Jacqui James

I FEEL EXTREMELY privileged to be able to interview artists and bands from all around the world. It’s what I love. Afterall when you love what you do it makes those challenging days easier.

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When Brooke Schubert Met Keith Urban


Jacqui James

BROOKE SCHUBERT IS one brave and determined woman! Within twenty-four hours her dream came true after uploading a video to YouTube titled Dear Keith Urban to capture Keith’s attention before his Light The Fuse tour.

But before I get to that, let’s rewind because Brooke has had an amazing run in the music industry. At the tender age of ten she sang in front of 25,000 people at the Gympie Muster after winning a talent quest. In the years ahead Brooke was the support act for Tina Arena and Rick Price. Also she has been incredibly fortunate to share the stage with Joel Madden, Kasey Chambers, Jimmy Barnes, The McClymonts and Jessica Mauboy.

In 2013 Brooke recorded her EP over in Nashville with Matt Fell and Sam Hawksley. That EP received plenty of attention, even earning Brooke a nod for the top 5 unsigned vocalists in the world’ by songuniverse.com which was judged by Chaka Khan and P!nk’s songwriter/producer Billy Mann.

Brooke is a massive Keith Urban fan, she’s gone to every tour so Brooke decided to put her wish out to the universe and make the Dear Keith Urban. In the video Brooke outlined the many similarities to herself and Keith, and how it was destined to sing with him. Low and behold, twenty-four hours later Keith phoned Brooke and she found herself touring Australia with him, doing six arena shows.

Brooke is a fun and determined young woman and it was a real pleasure to chat to her.

G’day Brooke! How are you? Have you come down from touring with the delightful Keith Urban yet?

Honestly, I’m not sure that I ever will. It was such a positive experience in every sense of the word. I’m a very lucky lady!

You must be a brave woman to post a video on YouTube titled Dear Keith Urban that was obviously successful capturing the superstar’s eye. The video is adorable by the way! Can you remember your first reaction to Keith responding to your video?

Thank you, I was being tongue in cheek…I never expected him to see it. I burst out laughing, uncontrollably, on the floor in a state of shock. My husband and my best friend thought I was crazy… They still do.

You say Keith has given you some advice and guidance with your career. What type of encouragement did he give you?

Yes, Keith spent ten years in Nashville before making any sort of dent in the market. If you think you’re in a situation and you’re doing it tough. He’s been there a million times, and had it harder. He knows that I’ve been working at this for a long time, and He said just believe in yourself and listen to your instincts. They are always right. Surround yourself with people that are a representation of you and your personality and vibe. Turns out, I’ve always been on the right track.

You were destined to become a success story as when you were ten you won the Gympie Muster and sang in front of 10,000 people. How did you handle your nerves when you were so little?

I believe that it’s true when people say that kids have no fear, I see it in my two year-old son. I knew I wanted to sing, I knew that I could, I had the opportunity, so I did. As children we don’t over think anything, Everything is as it is. It was a blast.

Before even Keith, you recorded your EP in your favourite place, Nashville. That must been an awesome experience?

To work with Matt Fell and Sam Hawksley over in Berry Hill was an eye opener. Working with musicians who have recorded with everyone from Coldplay to Tim McGraw, Brooks and Dunn to Tom Petty and my fave, Linda Ronstadt. The studio musicians talents are incredible. We recorded a five track EP in two days. Crazy.

Besides Keith, you have performed with some of Aussie’s legendary performers including Jimmy Barnes, Kasey Chambers (she’s such a dag eh?), Lee Kernaghan and John Williamson! That’s quite an impressive rap sheet! Do you pinch yourself thinking how much you’ve achieved?

I guess I have had a pretty good run, I forget to be honest. I’m not the sort of person to sit back and think about everything that has happened.. I’m way too busy planning my next move.

You’re a true country gal, but on your Facebook you’ve recently posted a video of your cover of Beyonce’s Halo, which shows off your beautiful soulful voice. You could easily go into pop. Would you ever compliant this move?

Well, thank you first of all… Beyonce is one of my favourite vocalists right now beside Renee Geyer. My own music represents my love of Music, not one particular genre. My mum loves Simon and Garfunkel and Donovan, My dad loves AC/DC and Stevie Ray Vaughan, My brother is into House, and I love Bonnie Raitt, Butch Walker and Pink… My music isn’t any one of those… It’s all of them. Why can’t music just be music without the label these days. {smiles}

Touring with Keith, doing seven shows all over Australia, has it made you in awe what major artists/bands do?

Absolutely, I don’t know how they (the Urban family) do it. Between early morning media, Meet and greets, sound checks, Warm up, two hour show, Warm down, media scrutiny about your family, normal kids stuff. It’s such a busy, busy life. The team of people keep the show running… it’s a huge operation!

You’ve become an envy of us Keith fans, getting up-close to him. Did he smell divine? {giggles}

{laughs} I was too busy in awe of him to catch a smell, although, I’m sure he’d smell like his cologne!

Thanks very much Brooke for taking the time out between your Mummy duties to answer my questions! I wish you all the luck with your future!


Diesel, A True Music Fan Himself

Written by Jacqui James

AS JOURNALISTS WE are taught to remove our bias whenever interviewing someone. Although whenever it comes to interviewing Mark Lizotte aka Diesel, it’s always an absolute privilege because this artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer and a lovely man is one of Australia’s rock legends that doesn’t thrive or seek mass publicity.

Since becoming a solo artist in 1991, to date Diesel has racked up over 35 singles, 13 albums, six ARIA awards and record sales edging 1 million! In 2011 Diesel celebrated his 25th year in the music industry, however for the last few years it seems he’s always touring around this big beautiful country, playing in small intimate venues to huge wine valleys!

2013 saw the release of Diesel’s Let It Fly which was a great rock ‘n roll album, but as Mark does so well he mixes and shakes up genres using instruments very differently to what other artists use to produce typical sounds! Let It Fly even has a country and western song called Cupid’s Embrace.

As well as Let It Fly, Mark teamed with up with Canadian singer/songwriters and music director Tim Chaisson to produce the EP Last Shower. The EP came about with the use of Skype! Incredible! Mark even recruited Tim as his support act on the recent Let It Fly national and I can say at The Palms at Melbourne’s Crown Casino people really embraced Tim’s music and cheerful personality.

To end the year of some amazing interviews with many great artists/bands, it brings a great pleasure and privilege to interview my all-time favourite Aussie artist! Also I was totally gobsmacked when Mark told me he’s a regular reader of Gigs ‘n Interviews when we caught up after The Palms gig last month! From my bottom of my heart, thankyou Mark for your belief and acknowledgement! Also thankyou always for your kindness!

G’day Mark! Welcome back to Gigs ‘n Interviews! 2013 has been a huge year for you with releasing Let It Fly and your relentless touring. Do you sometimes think, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Yes, usually when I start to do the promotion part of releasing a record, the recording part is the easy bit they say!

How was it performing at the Opera House for The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards 2013? Were you nervous in the presence of Royalty and many other important figures?

It was a really enjoyable night on many levels, the Danish Royal Couple have an incredibly relaxed presence which relates to everyone in the room. It’s always a challenge to perform only one song as opposed to getting warmed up and comfortable but it felt great on the night, the Dame Joan Sutherland Theatre in the Opera House sounds great too.

Tim Chaisson is a great new singer/songwriter from Canada and you two released an EP! At The Palms gig in Melbourne he had the audience giving him so much love! How did you discover him?

It was through Tim supporting at my brother’s venues Lizotte‘s that I first discovered Tim and through a meeting with another Canadian artist by the name of Matt Andersen and a live recording where it was suggested that Tim be a guest on the recording. Having agreed to having him as a guest, I realised it was a bit of a risk until I heard him and discovered his amazing talents. We were then asked to write a song for a “songwriters breakfast” at the East Coast Music Awards in Canada, an EP followed.

At the Palms gig you compared your extensive guitar collection to women never having enough GOOD bags (which got a massive agreeing response from the ladies)! Is this a compromise in your household; you can buy as many guitars and your wife can buy as many bags she desires?

{laughs} Yes! I guess they are a bit like the “ultimate” accessory for me but I’m lucky they are a tool of the trade! As for my wife, she is very conservative, I’m usually the one to prompt her get something.

At the GQ Men Of The Year Awards you presented your brother-in-law Jimmy Barnes with the Legend Award. I bet that was a great honour?

It was an honour and I was happy that I was allowed to use my own speech, having said that public speaking is terrifying!

“With over 35 singles, 13 albums, 6 ARIA awards and record sales edging 1 million” do you find yourself thinking wow how have I achieved all of this?

Numbers can be surreal, the reality is I’m still getting to play to people after 25 years and that I am grateful for.

You’re still so grounyded and always take time out for your fans! Do you think this has a big part of your longevity in the Aussie music industry?

Maybe, I like to think of myself as a music fan too at the end of the day, that’s definitely how I started, I just ended up on the stage!

If you could go back in time to 1987 when Johnny Diesel and The Injectors were formed, what would you say to that young man named Mark Lizotte?

Enjoy the ride!

Are you glad you went to America in 1999/2000? Did it broaden your “horizons”, thus improve your craft as a singer/songwriter and producer?

I got to write and produce more than ever before in that period, it was a level of indulgence I’d never experienced before. Experimenting to that degree (and making mistakes) definitely broadened my horizons.

Whenever I see you using your acoustic guitars as a drum, it totally blows my mind! Your thought processes to come up with these beats just proves you’re a genius! How do you form these ideas?

Genius maybe, frustrated drummer definitely! This tradition of holding one instrument and wanting it to be another goes back probably to me wanting my cello to be a guitar. I’ve never been able to accept that an instrument can only do one thing!


* Thankyou to Andy Purcell from Mushroom Promotions and Marie Toparis.

Chisel Turned Up The Nitro in Melbourne

Light the Nitro Tour 2011

Cold Chisel

Rod Laver Arena

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Written by Jacqui James

LAST NIGHT CHISEL DID what they do best – ROCKED! Once a pub band Cold Chisel performed to thousands last night at Rod Laver Arena.

The introduction was a radio changing stations to different decades. As soon as iconic frontman Jimmy Barnes came onstage he controlled the crowd urging the crowd to stand up and clap.

Unlike their pub days, last night I spotted a few youngens (under 12) who were brought along with dad! Hopefully they’ll continue the tradition with their future children because after all the drugs and alcohol consumed by the band, Cold Chisel will be around for another thirty years!

They began the set with Standing On The Outside and then Shipping Steel. The arena turned into the one giant karaoke bar. Choirgirl and You Got Nothing I Want were other big sing along.

Like Jimmy’s typical occkaism he asked the crowd “How the fuck are ya?” and introduced their new drummer Charlie who replaced the empty seat from their beloved bandmate Steve Prestwich who passed away from cancer in January. Later in the night they did an acoustic set with When The War Is Over which was dedicated to Steve. Jimmy said every set will be dedicated to Steve.

Mossy’s voice is still as good as ever! When he sang My
Baby it sounded so smooth even more with a sax added to it and if you mix that with the fact he’s one of Australia’s epic guitarists, it’s magic!

Jimmy told us a funny story about the iconic headband Jane (his then girlfriend, now wife) gave him which he wore on the band’s huge East album. Ten years later guy told Jimmy he wore it upsidedown. Rising Sun was about Jane leaving him.

I was surprised how many Chisel songs have blues elements in them! Then when they leapt into Breakfast At Sweethearts they added a regae feeling to it.

During the night they did tracks during from their upcoming new album (including All For You dedicated to Steve) which is due out in April.

Jimmy and Mossy’s bond is very evident still after thirty years as a band. They may have had private (or not so private) disagreements but they’re still best buds who stood shoulder and shoulder last night.

It was a real privilege to hear Flame Trees live by its original band. Once again, Rod Laver Arena became one huge karaoke bar. Continuing with the karaoke theme, the next song was the song what would have to be the most popular Aussie song to sing with mates. Like it was an anthem, everyone stood for Khe San. Chisel were on a roll and did their rockin’ Bow River.

In the encore the band did Saturday Night which captured Mossy’s soulful voice. It had a beautiful moment where Jimmy and Ian were singing arm in arm, both pouring with sweat. Jimmy ended up the night with saying, “Thank you very much Melbourne. It won’t be another thirty fucking years til we see you again!” For the encore the new drummer Charlie wore a white t-shirt which said PRESTWICH on it and he gave a clap to the sky when he was leaving the stage.

Here’s the set list from last night:

On The Outside

Shipping Steel

HQ 454 Monroe


Forever Now

Cheap Wine

Painted Doll

My Baby

Rising Sun

Star Hotel


When The War Is Over

Yakuza Girls

Breakfast At Sweethearts

All For You

You Got Nothing I Want

Merry Go Round

Flame Trees

Khe Sanh

Bow River


Saturday Night

Letter To Alan

Four Walls

Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)

David Campbell – The Ultimate Born Performer

Written by Jacqui James

DAVID CAMPBELL WAS BORN to be a singer and entertainer. Not only he’s Jimmy Barnes’ Son, but he has covered music from the 1930’s to his recent era of choice, the 80’s!

David’s recently released Let’s Go which is this week’s number 25th album on the Aria Chart. The album contains hits from the shoulder pad and the big hair era like Shout To The Top, a cabaret version of Tainted Love, I’m Your Man, Come On Elleen, I Can Dream About You and You Make My Dreams Come True. However, all have different arrangements and little surprises along the way which makes David’s adaptable voice stand out.

To me, David’s one of the charismatic, funniest, versatile and believable performers Australia has to offer. His Good Lovin’ LIVE DVD is one of my favourite music DVD’s because David’s never shy of poking fun of himself and his Dad’s infamous scream! On his Twitter page he says he’s “Singer/Producer/BigMouth … Husband to Lisa… Father to Leo. Son of Daryl Braithwaite”.

For about two years trying to get the timing right with David, I’m very honoured and excited to be able to give you this interview. A very huge thanks to Nadia from Sony for sending my questions through to David.

You’ve covered songs from eras from the 30’s to now the 80’s. Do you find you have to do anything differently in preparation to sing a particular era?

Not really, it is all about the songs. You have to find a way in to tell the story or communicate the emotion. There are varying styles of storytelling from both eras really.

Who came up with the arrangements of the tracks on Let’s Go and how?

The arrangements for some of them came very quickly. What keeps a lot of these songs in a certain “period” is the use of keyboards and drum machines. Once you replace this with real instruments, then part of the work is done. I {could} go on about it, however, the songs are the key. Then with other songs the band and I just started having fun with them. Like I’m Your Man is something I have been playing with in my head for years.

What’s your favourite track on Let’s Go?

I am a fan of all the songs obviously. I would have to say at the moment, it is Only You. I have a personal connection with that song, because my wife and I bonded over the English version of The Office. The song is used so beautifully there. Dorian and I came up with the idea that there is a simple Pachabel’s Canon feel that really suits the song…. luckily it did.

You’re With Tainted Love I hear a cabaret influence. Was that intentional?

I think most of my style has come from my early years of cabaret and Musical Theatre. I believe it is what makes me a stronger performer. There are plenty of blokes who are better singers, prettier, younger {David exclaimed}. I feel this form of communicating through song is something that makes me stand out more.

Is there a healthy competition in your talented family?

Yes and no. We are all very supportive. I tend to just focus on what I do and admire my Dad and my sisters talents. Everyone in my family is a performer. My father, when I perform with him, tends to push us and himself to do better. I don’t think one could call that competitive though.

Is there any artist or song you will never cover? I bet your Dad’s music is off limits! {Jacqui laughs}

I have done a swing version of Cheap Wine. So nothing is off limits. He {Jimmy Barnes if you’re not from planet Earth!} was kinda narky with me that I didn’t cover his stuff for this album. But as I said to him, “You still tour!”

I love how you don’t take yourself seriously and love to poke fun at yourself and your family. Do you think this is why the Australian public generally love you?

I have no idea. I think when you have a ridiculous story like mine, you need to be the first to point out the screaming Scottish elephant in the room. It takes the pressure off. I have not made it my intention to be funny about it. A lot of what I talk about on stage and off is true! Life is just too crazy. You cannot write this stuff.




Since being a Dad, how’s life changed? Does your little son have your and your Dad’s scream? {Jacqui laughs}

Leo has lungs alright! I have changed a lot. I don’t go out much, even for work. I find it very hard thinking “Oh should I do a few red carpets and get photographed or should I just stay at home and play with my amazing son!?” It is an easy answer. Also now I try to focus my tours to mainly just the weekends so then I can have my own mini weekend with Leo from Sunday to Wednesday.

You have a lot of upcoming gigs around the country, but it seems to always be us Melbournians don’t get as many shows as much as say… Queensland! Any reason why? {Jacqui smiles}

I am focusing on Melbourne so much more now. Before that, I was working with a touring company, who I still have a close relationship with in Queensland. I think you will find the attention is turning to you Victorians… so watch out!

If you could perform with anyone dead or alive, who would be in your top five?

Sammy Davis Jnr, Bobby Darin, Peter Allen, George Michael and KD Lang.


David’s a huge Twitterer! You can follow him at @DavidCampbell73. His site is http://www.davidcampbell.com and Let’s Go is available instore or online.

David’s national tour (which includes a big band) will be as following:


February 16    Belmont 16ft Sailing Club

February 17    State Theatre Sydney

February 25    Festival Theatre, Adelaide

March 10    QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane

March 16 & 17Palms @ Crown, Melbourne

April 12 & 13    Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre

April 14    Civic Theatre, Orange

April 19    Manning Entertainment Centre, Taree

April 20    Glasshouse Theatre, Port Macquarie

April 21    Civic Theatre, Newcastle

April 27    Llewellyn Theatre, Canberra

April 28    Regional Entertainment Centre, Bathurst

May 3 & 4    Performing Arts Centre, Wangarratta

May 5        Entertainment Centre, Albury

May 10 & 11    Regional Theatre & Convention Centre, Dubbo

May 12    West Tamworth Leagues Club

May 16    Performing Arts Centre, Mandurah

May 17    Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton

May 18    Perth Concert Hall

May 19    Regional Entertainment Centre, Bunbury

May 31    Performing Arts Centre, Colac Victoria

June 1        Warnambook Entertainment Centre, Victoria

June 2        Sir Robet Helpmann Theatre, Mt Gambier, Victoria

June 7 & 8    Capital Theatre, Bendigo, Victoria

June 9        Eastbank Centre, Shepparton, Victoria

June 14    Performing Arts Centre, Frankston, Victoria

June 15    Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat, Victoria

June 16    GPAC Playhouse Theatre, Geelong, Victoria

June 27    Brothers Leagues – Cairns, QLD

June 28    Civic Theatre, Townsville, QLD

June 29    Convention and Entertainment Centre, Mackay¸QLD

June 30    The Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton, QLD

July 1        Brolga Theatre, Maryborough, QLD

July 3        Moncrieff Theatre, Bundaberg, QLD

July 5        Nambour Civic Centre, Sunshine Coast, QLD

July 6        Norths Leagues Club, Brisbane North, QLD

July 7        Twin Towns Services Club, Gold Coast, QLD

July 8        Ipswich Civic Centre, Ipswich, QLD

Diesel Very Natural To Play Hendrix

Written by Jacqui James

MAYBE I’M BIASED, but I believe Mark Lizotte aka Diesel is one of those brilliant singer/songwriters/guitarists who has a musical brain! When I listen to his albums and see his live performances, I am constantly amazed which direction he takes in his music. With every album I’m surprised with Diesel’s never-ending contrasting tracks.

On Under The Influence this extremely down-to-earth guy has tackled songs that have had an influence on him like the legendary Wind Cries Mary by the ultimate guitarist Jimi Hendrix, but Diesel plays it down and says It felt, “very natural to play but it was a bit daunting only because I know what Hendrix means to so many people.”

Diesel’s been my idol and favourite artist since 1992 (when Tip Of My Tongue was released) so I feel extremely stoked and fortunate to have been able to interview him twice now, especially when he’s just starting the Under The Influence tour to celebrate twenty-five years in the industry! So thankyou very much Diesel for your time! Also,a big thanks to Marie and Sarah from Mushroom Group for their assistance.

So enjoy my most pleasurable (second) interview with Diesel.


Congratulations on making Under The Influence! As all your albums have UnderThe Influence has all these different genres mixed into the tracks such as Going Down. It marvels me how your brain works, to go along a particular sound then suddenly you change to a whole different sound! Can you explain it?

With Under The Influence I wanted to reach as many of my influences as possible. This is probably an impossible task because there have been so many. In the end I limited myself by making the record in eight days. I wanted diversity in the album with the bandand the element of horns being the common thread running through it.

When you were doing the covers like Hendrix’s Wind Cries Mary were you a little hesitate tackling it?

Some of Hendrix’s songs I’ve been listening to since I was a child, they form a large part of my musical psyche. They feel very natural to play but it was a bit daunting only because I know what Hendrix means to so many people.

Is your all-time favourite song on Under The Influence?

It’s All In The Game, one of the instrumentals on the album, it was a last minute idea to do and it was a surprise how it came out.

Can you believe you’ve been in the industry for 25 years? What keeps you going?

No, I can’t!! Playing music to people keeps me going…the live element of my music is a challenge for me.

When I saw the word Thang on the back of Under The Influence, I admit I got excited because on Johnny Diesel and The Injectors album the original was on it and you rocked it. I’m a little confused, on Under The Influence there’s three Thangs but the 5th appears before the 4th. Can you explain why?

They (the “Thangs”) are an ongoing tradition, the 5th appearing before the 4th is only because the 5th was created first!

When I listen to Under The Influence I get the feeling your American heritage came out more. Was that intentional or something that just happened?

I guess a lot of my roots are in American music having started out there but I like to think my mongrel side and tendency to combine all styles comes from my Australian influence.

On the track Have Love Will Travel I swear I hear your brother-in-law Jimmy Barnes’ famous screams? Am I right or did you channel him too?

Jimmy came in to the studio to sing on “Have Love”, I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing what the song needed, it was a very thick wall of sound but Jimmy cut through!

Do you know what’s next in your catalogue?

I am working on another album of songs I have been writing between “Project Blues” and “Under The Influence”, at this stage it’s a fairly eclectic mix of songs but I still have a ways to go.

Diesel’s Under The Influence tour dates are:

JULY 2011

Fri 29th VAULT 146, Windsor NSW

Venue (02) 4587 8146 or www.vault146.com.au

Sat 30th BELMONT 16 FOOTERS, Belmont NSW

Venue (02) 4945 0888


Thu 4th THE BRASS MONKEY, Cronulla NSW

Venue (02) 9544 3844, www.brassmonkey.com.au or

Oztix 1300 762 545, www.oztix.com.au

Tue 9th FRIENDS RESTAURANT, East Perth WA (solo show)

Venue (08) 9221 0885 or Bocs (08) 9484 1133, www.bocsticketing.com.au

Wed 10th THE ICON, Karratha WA (solo show)

Venue (08) 9185 6911


Venue (08) 9300 9494

Sat 13th CHARLES HOTEL, North Perth WA

Venue (08) 9444 1051 or Bocs (08) 9484 1133, www.bocsticketing.com.au

Thu 18th WARWICK RSL, Warwick QLD

Venue (07) 4661 1229 or www.warwickrsl.com.au


Venue (07) 3824 8999


Venue (07) 3285 2733 or www.northsleagues.com

Fri 26th & THE BASEMENT, Circular Quay NSW

Sat 27th Venue (02) 9251 2797, www.thebasement.com.au or Moshtix 1300 GET TIX or www.moshtix.com.au


Fri 2nd CLARENDON GUEST HOUSE, Katoomba NSW (solo show)

Venue (02) 4782 1322


Country Leather (02) 4455 3056 or Malibu Music (02) 4455 5693


Venue (02) 6283 7200

Sat 10th ROOTY HILL RSL, Rooty Hill NSW

Venue (02) 9625 5500 or www.rootyhillrsl.com.au/entertainment

Fri 16th & NORWOOD L IVE, Norwood SA

Sat 17th Venue (08) 8431 1822 or www.thenorwood.com.au

Sun 18th THE OLD MILL, Hahndorf SA

Venue (08) 8388 7888

Thu 22nd REGENT THEATRE, Ballarat VIC

Venue (03) 5330 5555

Fri 23rd THE PALMS AT CROWN, Melbourne VIC

Ticketek 132 849 or www.ticketek.com.au

Sat 24th GATEWAY HOTEL, Geelong VIC

Venue (03) 5275 1091 or Ticketmaster 136 100 or www.ticketmaster.com.au


Fri 21st, THE BRASS MONKEY, Cronulla NSW

Sat 22nd & Venue (02) 9544 3844, www.brassmonkey.com.au or

Sun 23rd Oztix 1300 762 545, www.oztix.com.au


Thu 3rd SPRINGLAKE HOTEL, Brisbane West QLD

Venue (07) 3436 2100 or www.springlakehotel.com.au


Venue (07) 3858 9000 or www.broncosleagues.com.au


Venue 1800 014 014 or www.twintowns.com.au